….let there be shopping….


Remember the brandy story we told farmerboy to prevent him from wanting to drink brandy with his father when the rugby is on ?  The one where we told him brandy makes your hair fall out and that’s the reason why his father is going bald?


Well, it seems he got the wrong message….


Yesterday was haircut day for father and son. And upon entering the salon he told the hairdresser :


” Ons hare het gegroei van te veel brannewyn en nou moet jy dit sny. ” ( Our hair has grown from too much brandy and now you have to cut it. )


There goes our reputation as church going , respectable and sober Afrikaners…..



Then a lady asked him politely : “En wat is jou naam, seuntjie ? ” .


He gave her one look, got that mischievous look in the eye and answered :


“Piet Pompies! “. Followed by a fit of giggles.



Luckily she also thought it was funny……..



Have a good day, everyone!


And he with the ( short ) hair  says “CHEERS! ”






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