….let there be shopping….


Here’s how you answer the call of nature when you’re a mother of 2 :


1. Check that 3 year old is in TV room.  ( more or less 10 metres from bathroom door )


2. Put baby in carseat with dummy in mouth.


3. Take baby in carseat into bathroom. Close door.


4. Place baby in carseat close to right foot.


5. Sit down.


6. Hold magazine with left hand.


7. Keep replacing dummy in mouth of  increasingly  niggly baby. Start rocking carseat with right foot.


8. Try to concentrate on the job at hand.


9. Listen out for 3 year old footsteps. And he found me in 10….9…..8…….


10. Brace self for opening of door . Immediately yell : ” I’m on the loo!! Close the door!!! “. ( don’t swear . It’s hard not to, but just don’t. )


11. Too late. Door is open. Nanny has caught up with 3 year old. And has caught you with pants around ankles reading with left hand and replacing dummy with right hand while rocking car seat with right foot.


12. Nature ? Forget it. Maybe next time. And don’t have 2 cups of filter coffee in a row.


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5 thoughts on “THE CALL OF NATURE

  1. Ah… I would simply keep baby strapped to me in their little baby carry thing. Bit of a balancing act but at least u have 2 free hands!

  2. you forgot to mention child throwing themselves bodily against the door. oh yes, and how your bowels freeze up.

  3. To Love Bella on said:

    heh heh heh.. fun! 🙂

  4. 😆 Sounds about right. I have only one toddler to contend with, even so I’ve had to train myself and my superior bladder to try and go either at work or while she’s sleeping. On the odd occasion where i don’t manage to do that she likes to come sit on my lap with a book and command reading. (or recently since she’s busy potty training she demands I get off the loo so that she can sit there).

  5. LOL Yes, that’s how it goes!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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