….let there be shopping….


(and a-toe-stepping I go. Wish me luck. )

RIGHT. If there is one thing in this entire world of ours that totally and absolutely P $##@@-i’S me off, it’s that age old question that gets asked first about any girl in the whole wide world from the moment she takes her first breath of oxygen :





And let me admit right here that I’m by no means to be excused here. In fact, I’m totally sucked in. I have the make up-,the clothes-, the shoes- and the assymetric purplish hairdo – obsessions to prove it. I’ve been brainwashed. I’m right in there. I’ve bought it and fallen for it hook, line and sinker. I’ve lived with it since I can remember.


I’ve said before and I will say again : in the “pretty” stakes I never made it. ( can you hear the therapy bills adding up? clickety-click…clickety-click…………)


I don’t “do” pretty. I work on “interesting”. I think of all the days of my 40-ish life so far in my own mind I looked “pretty enough” for maybe 2 days?


Did you read that? 2 days. Out of 43 years.



And ( shame, shame, shame on me ) the first thing I thought when I saw my brandnew babygirl was “Thank you, thank you, she looks like she could be pretty one day and her face is symmetrical and she’ll look good in photographs”. I mean, WT…..???


Here I had a healthy, breathing baby after all those months of stress during my pregnancy and my first thought is : “Yes.Her looks will do. ”


It’s not just me. That question has already been asked about my daughter LOTS of times. That pressure is already there. And she’s all of 7 weeks old….



I hope that I can protect her from the “pretty or not” issue. I hope that I can make her proud of other things about herself. Kindness. Intelligence. Sensitivity. Honesty. Willpower. Strenght.Creativity. Courage.


It won’t be easy and most times I think I’ll be fighting a losing battle.


But heaven help me : my girl will have confidence and she will believe in herself.





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3 thoughts on “YES, BUT IS SHE PRETTY??

  1. My first thoughts when I saw BB for the first time was “damn he’s an ugly baby” on the twins it was “OMG an extra thumb?” And with LM it was okay this is what I thought a newborn should look like.

  2. You are so right, even with a boy my thoughts were “At least you are not an ugly baby”. On a serious note though (and it may sound like a cliche) but as long as she is pretty on the outside, she will be gorgeous on the outside!

  3. of course she WILL!!!

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