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Mossel Bay

We’ve just returned from Mosselbay where we celebrated Ouma’s 80th birthday. Farmerboy surprised all with his sudden ability to speak full sentences in English ( compliments of the Disney channel) . At 3 years 8 months he is refusing to speak Afrikaans and needless to say his father ( a “stoere boer” ) is not all that chuffed….

A few examples of the things he’s coming up with :

– counting guests out loud : “One, two, three, four, five, six……all us coconuts! ”

– when told to say goodbye to another group of Ouma’s friends and in a hurry to go get a promised ice cream :

“Seuntjie, groet die mense! ”

A quick glance around the room followed by : “Groet, groet, groet! ” and off he ran.

– Commenting on a giant rainbow we saw on the way back : “That rainbow is a slide…! ”

I know. I know. By the sound of things I should be preparing myself for that front row seat at prizegivings for years to come.


And I’ll have to practise the humble, teary- eyed look for when he graduates top of his class in medicine/electro-chemical engineering/ boeing flying / gets picked for the NASA space program, and gets up to make a speech and thanks his mother for her (and as a result :  his )intelligence….

Well , maybe not quite yet.

Said mother once again ( as is always the case with some in laws) had the chance to practise supressing her inner cow.

Like when MIL said to RM : ” You’re so sleepy babygirl! Did your mommy give you some sleepy medicine ? Mmm? Mmmmmm??? “

I wanted to say : “Yes, I’ve put her on Valium for newborns” but restrained myself and decided to be adult about the matter.

Not take things personally and all that.

Silently scream into a cushion and so on.

All in all, an enjoyable weekend was had by all and everyone can’t get enough of RM who has started smiling and babbling in baby language. Too cute!

I’m the mother of two happy, intelligent and communicative children.

How lucky can a girl get?


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  1. Hahaha, you MIL sounds like a real peach – I admire your self restraint!

  2. Practising her Inner Cow. Awesome turn of phrase and am officially adopting it as my own!

    Ha ha Excellent post. Sanna is back!

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