….let there be shopping….


The dummy falls on the floor. You grab it and run to sterilize it. Baby screams blue murder. The dummy falls on the floor. You give it a quick lick and put it back in baby’s mouth. After all, saliva is an antiseptic isn’t it?
Baby makes “poo face”. You unpop/unbutton/pull down full outfit including vest to check if she needs a change. Baby makes “poo face”. You unpop 2 poppers and slip a finger under nappy elastic. If it comes out covered..well then you know, don’t you?

If it comes out clean you only have 2 poppers to close.


Baby is asleep. You have the baby monitor on full volume at all times. Even if you’re only 2 rooms away. Baby is asleep. You catch up with whatever you need to do. Without the monitor. You know you’ll hear her when she wakes up.
You forget about the fact that the baby monitor picks up ALL SOUNDS within it’s radius. Including you going to the loo and flushing.

Or you swearing under your breath in the privacy of your room….only to return to the now wide eyed guests in your diningroom…

You remember the monitor is on. YOU KEEP QUIET and think nasty “I need my sleep and you’ve overstayed your welcome “ thoughts silently.


It’s immunisation day. You give the Panado drops with trepidation. You got very little sleep from angst. You rush straight home afterwards and watch baby like a hawk for 12 hours . Is she breathing? Does she have a fever? Does she have runny poo? Does she…….. ??? It’s immunisation day. You give the Panado drops. Afterwards you go shopping.
All new baby clothes gets handwashed with Sunlight soap before it comes near baby. You take off the label and put on the clothes.
You don’t leave the house for 6 weeks after birth. MIL told you to “let baby’s brain settle in it’s skull first” before taking on the rough farm roads. ( ??? ) You strap baby in carseat and go for coffee in the nearest town. You’ve been uncomfortably pregnant for 9 ( 10 ) months and refuse to spend another minute in confinement.
Sometimes you look at this baby and think : WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO? You look at this baby and think: I can’t wait to see you develop. It’s ok that you don’t sleep, cover my clothes in sour spit up and fill your nappies with unmentionables. I KNOW WHAT I GOT MYSELF INTO. LOOK AT YOUR BROTHER. HE’S FINE. YOU WILL BE TOO!


“Motherhood is an especially powerful experience because it involves learning under high-stakes conditions, which is just the sort of learning that drives change in the brain.”
Katherine Ellison



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5 thoughts on “1ST BABY VS 2ND BABY

  1. hahahaha, i think that helping to raise my brother helped. fish has been raise like child #2 i think there may be one or two things i have been pedantic about but hardly to the normal first/only child extent

  2. So true! Had such a good giggle

  3. 😆
    My aunt has 4 children. She says, regarding dummies:
    1 – sterilise if not buy a new one when it drops
    2 – maybe chuck it in some hot water
    3 – rinse under a tap
    4 – wipe on your pants

    Of course child number 4 is the healthiest of the lot!

  4. Mine is so far apart (15 years); I’ve done twice the 1st baby story! 😉 (And everything about parenting changed as well in 15 years!)

  5. I remember a friend of mine telling me that she walked past a cement mixer and thought that if she threw the baby in…it would all be over. ha ha She was joking of course but just illustrating the first baby ball-ache to me. I only understood when Baby number 1 was born.

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