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BABYSENSE TAGLET ( Can you hear the gnashing of teeth….? )


Taglet - Blue


This is a “lappie” household. ( “lappie” meaning the Babysense Taglet  “ultimate doodoo blanky” ).  We’re on our 2nd one. The first one disappeared when boytjie was about 18 months old. We suspect that it’s still lying behind a potplant in some restaurant somewhere….

The loss of “lappie” was a disaster of major proportions. Luckily we were in East London and could rush to Woollies to buy lappie nr2. At R 85 . Again. For a piece of cloth 20X20cm.

( Here’s a tip : Whatever your child chooses as a “self soothing comfort object” be it a “lappie”, a soft toy  or a piece of women’s underwear MAKE SURE YOU BUY 3.  )

Women’s underwear?

The farmer’s sister clung to one of her mother’s slips throughout toddlerhood….who knows what the neighbours thought?


“Lappie” has travelled the country. It has been up in Pretoria and it has been down in Cape Town. It has seen Paternoster and Port Elizabeth, Cintsa bay and Stellenbosch.

“Lappie” is the first thing we look for in the morning and the last thing clutched tightly at night.

“Lappie” has been chewed by the boerboel and the Worshond. It’s changed colour from white to beigy spit up. But “lappie” is what he wants…

We have spent ENDLESS hours searching for “lappie”. It lands up behind things, under things, on top of things.

The farmer has exclaimed on more than one occassion : “If ANYONE buys my daughter a @**&% lappie they will be   **%$@  shot! ”




This morning Boytjie was on a new mission. He decided that “Sussie” has to be introduced to “lappie”.

Here’s how it went :


Looks like we’ll be forking out another R85 real soon…


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8 thoughts on “BABYSENSE TAGLET ( Can you hear the gnashing of teeth….? )

  1. We have a taggie as well. Taggie has lost the white side all together (it literally just disintegrated!) and the pink side is more brown now. It’s also stretched to a rectangular shape and has many holes. But it’s still a fave at bedtime. I did try to replace it but no joy on that front. She’s 5 now and it only gets used at bedtime thank goodness. We have spent many an hour searching through people’s houses trying to find it before going home.

  2. my mum had the same issue with her laatlammetjie, she made a “dudie” out of those old cloth nappies by putting ribbon around it and making ribbon tags. way cheaper than the R85 lappies!!! he had his dudiw up until he was 9 – and he only wanted the one specific one, eventually it was so worn out it was nothing but the ribbon and some remnants of cloth. eventually the maid thought it was junk and threw it away. through sobbing fits he declared that he is a big boy and doesn’t need it anyway…
    my sister had a mini mouse teddy, actually 21 years later she STILL has it.
    don’t think i had anything and fishness thankfully has differen’t attachments all the time, today it’s a fleecy cars blanket, tomorrow it’s a smurf teddy. he just can’t make up his mind.

  3. we have FOUR taggies – yes, FOUR. Urgh. But at least these are replaceable. Baby Girl’s cousin in C.T. got attached to Ellie – an elephant toy which try as they want they could not find again so could not replace. The head has been sewn back on at least a dozen times, etc but its only Ellie that she will have. At least Taggie can be replaced.

  4. Oh ant then just spend R170 and buy two.

  5. Hello – thanks for visiting. I have actually (i am almost 100% sure iots you) reading your other blog but can not comment on the stupid parent 24 blogs – ever! So glad this one is here.

    If you read my post today you will see my 6 year old with her Blanky bear – her security object. At a stage we had 3 – we are down to one. But I am sure if it disappears now she will at least be fine.

    • Hi cat. Yes, also have the blog on parent24 but had to start one on WordPress as L&L couldn’t feature my blog there since they see Parent24 as a “competitor website”…?

      Anyway, am enjoying all the WordPress features and options!

      She’s 6 ? That means we still have 2 years of “lappie” ahead of us. Though I’m sure it’ll disintegrate soon….
      Have a good weekend!

  6. There is not even a slim chance that I would pay that for a lappie! Thank goodness my kid is not big on anything like that. Her main thing is her bottle of milk when she settles down and me. Easy enough.

    You could always make you own? I’ve seen plenty of them being made by crafty moms all over, some even nicer than the babysense ones. I’m not big on sewing, but it doesn’t look too difficult to whack a few ribbons onto a piece of cloth?

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