….let there be shopping….



Come to think of it, this pic was the beginning of “it’s soooooo much fun watching people on the loo! “.  Boytjie was around 1 years old here. And determined to see what his dad was getting up to behing that closed door.

And come to think of another thing ………we’re actually not closing bathroom doors in this house anymore. Having 2 children under the age of 4 will do that to you. Like I’ve said before, THEY FIND YOU.  And they watch you. And comment……

“That’s not how you make a wee! You’re doing it wrong! You need a “totterman” ( willy ) Mamma! ”

Mamma really REALLY doesn’t want a “totterman”, thank you , my son…not for all the tea in China.


 The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look
~Lane Olinghouse




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8 thoughts on ““YOU DON’T WEE LIKE THAT!”

  1. Ha! Totally relate. Thanks for sharing (and visiting my blog). My daughter recently got into a loud, passionate debate with me about her daddy’s vagina. Guess I am the fool for engaging in such a debate in public. Oops!

  2. Haha! Kids are too cute sometimes! Thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂 Nice to ‘meet’ a fellow Eastern Caper!

  3. Cute!
    I would love to go to the loo on my own again… (I know it is going to happen somewhere… ;-))

  4. Gotta love this thing called parenting!

  5. Yay! Added this one to my reader too 🙂

  6. fishness and i went to shower the other day, i got undressed and he looked and pointed and said “mama broken, peepee GONE” and looked shocked!
    up until now it’s just been him and i so it’s only recently that he’s run into the bathroom while another gent was taking a whizz and realising “hey, i have one of those” he was so intrigued.
    funny little buggers.

  7. haa haa. they can sense your comfort BIG TIME. They have sensory radars keener than any other human or animal!

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