….let there be shopping….


It rained. All afternoon.


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7 thoughts on “A ROOM WITH A MESS

  1. Natasha on said:

    It means you have lived the day and enjoyed the time with your kiddies.

  2. I also don’t think it looks that bad!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed on an award to you. Please visit to see how to accept it.

  4. HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE?? Oh no… wait… it just looks very similar…

    Wet day play tests the patience AND the housework skillz. I’ve seen worse. THAT *points to photo* is not that bad. Really. REALLY. Just wait till they’re teens.

    *runs away shrieking*

  5. Ahem – we know. We know.

  6. Whahaha! Ek WENS my huis was maar net so deurmekaar 🙂

    In Ma’plotter land tel dit as skoon 😀

  7. reminds of that sign: “Careful, children at play!’

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