….let there be shopping….


This donkey is sitting on her backside. She ain’t pulling that cart NO MORE. ” Enough! “, she says…….GIVE ME A DAMN CARROT OR I’M NOT MOVING ANOTHER INCH!!

I’m suffering from the I – DONNO -WHAT’S. A general blehness. In need of life juice. In need of a kick up the backside.

“Count your blessings” and all that stuff. Except I DON’T WANNA. WHAT I WANT IS A PITY PARTY . Just for ME. With streamers and balloons and champagne. Oh, yes, and gifts, thank you very much.


1.  It’s Monday. Monday is too close to Sunday. And way too far from Friday.

2. There’s not a decent shop within 120km.

3.  There is no sushi within 120 KM.

4.  I WANT TO GO TO THE LOO ALONE. Yes. That again.   I don’t want to sit there shouting:

“Leave the soap! ”


“No, don’t turn the washing basket upside down! ”

” Pick up the washing!!!!!!!!”

” Stop rolling down the toilet paper ! ”



5.  Sundays are exhausting me. Yes, I love my kids. But on Sundays I’d love to “Rent A Granny” .  To send them to. For a few hours without the Sunday craziness.

Sundays used to be lazing around days. Reading, napping, relaxing  days.  Sunday has become “take a bite out of the bathroom door ” day…..( me. Not the kids.)



I need a carrot in front of this nose. I need something to look forward to. Something to get me off my pity-partying backside.  That’s how this donkey operates.

I’ll be grateful tomorrow, ok?



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6 thoughts on “IN NEED OF A CARROT

  1. Hahaha! I’m glad that you don’t take a bite out of the door yourself.

  2. Ai yes, I do find weekends super tiring and need a granny too.

  3. Blue Mondays! I am there… Blegh!

    (How come your comments on my blog always comes through twice? Or do you have to post twice?)

  4. I know the feeling. Time to get out that paint brush and paint a little me thinks. Or put up the christmas tree suspended from the ceiling, so the kids can’t get at the baubles!

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