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 “BLOJO” : BLOG MOJO    ….  the energy and inspiration that fuels a blog .

I wish I  was the creator of this  term but sadly, no.  It wasn’t me. It was the “big heels” lady over at A Daft Scotts Lass.

So what to do when you’ve lost “it”? When you keep on hitting “backspace”? When last week your blog was the rockin’ flavour of the month and now it’s vanilla?

1. You keep quiet.  Don’t blog for the sake of blogging. Wait a few days. Give it a rest.

2. Often blojo is lost when your audience becomes too big. And  too important. Remember why you started blogging. It’s a “weblog”. YOURS. UNIQUE. Keep it that way.

3. Read other blogs. And comment on them. See what’s out there and if there is something you can use .

4. Post a picture. Or a whole picture story.

5. Write a “top 10” list. Hints,tips, guidelines, what you’d like for christmas. “Top 10” is easy to do.

6. Just start. Often ideas get flowing once you’ve typed a sentence or two.

7. Don’t blog if you’re angry or if  you’ve had 6 glasses of wine. It won’t be pretty in the morning….and once it’s out there, IT IS OUT THERE. Forever. Until the cows come home. And you’re 6 feet under. And your grandchildren have to explain to their children ………and…….

8. Don’t think about every. single. word. you. write. It becomes torture just to complete a sentence. Not the point of blogging. ( see tip nr 1 )

9. I don’t have a tip nr 9.

10. I don’t have a 10th tip either.


I’ve “backspaced” at least 12 times .

Time to shut it. ( see tip nr 1 )


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6 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’VE LOST YOUR BLOJO : top 10 tips

  1. I don’t mind when people do the occasional drunk post, in fact sometimes it’s downright enlightening. In vino veritas and so on. 😉

    I know the heavier the stuff is that I’m busy thinking about the less I tend to blog, and then once I’ve sort of mulled it over enough and got to a conclusion of sorts i tend to whack it in one enormous password protected post and get on with it again. The longest i’ve ever gone dead quiet since 2006 was for an entire month.

  2. Funny, but very valid points! Thanks!

  3. And I love this post! I tend to just not blog.

  4. This is so true. I’m the worst person when I lost my blojo – I feel so guilty about not posting when in all honesty nobody really notices.

    When I’m really stuck I try and find a challenge or something that I have to do for X number of days.

  5. Natasha on said:

    Hehe!! Great post!!

  6. Mahahahaha this is very useful. I often utilise tip number 9. Or not. In fact, the only tip I would have is to just write. You don’t have to publish. I write great drafts and then delete cos they’re not my ‘style’ or I really shouldn’t divulge some stuff. But don’t sweat losing the blojo – it’s only ever temporary…

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