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Farmers live by the weather report. It’s a holiness equal to the opening of parliament.  And in our house, we don’t live by just one weather report on one TV channel. Nope. Immediately after the weather guy on channel 132 has done his thing in English,  farmerhusband changes over to channel 111 to listen to almost EXACTLY the same predictions in Afrikaans. Just in case the English guy got it wrong…

The weather girl on 111 used to be extremely nervous. The woman never breathed. NOT ONCE. By the time she was finished I felt light headed on her behalf.

She also never swallowed. I know this because I did the same thing when my mother forced me to sing a solo on stage in the local Eisteddfod when I was in grade 10.

Sheer terror does that to a person. I was a cute Eisteddfod solo singing candidate at the age of 6. Not so much at the age of 16 .  But lets let that sleeping dog lie….

Back to weather girl.

Weather girl changed in front of my eyes.

One night she was doing her breathless  “deer caught in headlights”  routine and the next she was Miss Cool-as-a-Cucumber. She came up for air in between provinces.  She swallowed. She was confident. She was flawless.

Her transformation screamed “tranquilizer! ”

Well, ok. That’s what it screamed to me. ( being somewhat of an expert on the subject . See “What PND felt like” if you’re curious)

I was proud of weather girl. She had come a long way. I could now watch her while we both breathed  and without the Eisteddfod flashbacks.

Also, it became a habit of mine telling the serious weather – watching husband how many tablets I think she’s had. ( “Two!” on a good night and “she’s only taken a half!” on a wobbly night. Yes, I know. It’s sad the things that amuse us when we’re bored out of our minds. )

He doesn’t appreciate my diagnostic abilities.  He is concentrating after all. “Two! “, “1 and a half! ” and “no, girl, you shoulda taken more! ” doesn’t go down all that well.

Which makes it all even funnier to me.

Sad. I know.


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  1. I discovered your blog recently and really enjoy it. I am giving you The Liebster Blog Award. Please follow this link to my page to see the rules.

  2. Deids13 on said:

    I should be a farmer, I am so weather obsessed. There’s an app for the BB and iPad called Accuweather that I check religiously every hour, lol. I haven’t watched the weather on TV for ages. I used to enjoy Simon on SABC3 back in the day (I actually had a bit of a crush on him, balding head and all!)

  3. But nothing beats that charming pseudo American weather guy – whatsisname?

  4. Hehehe, reminds me of days in my childhood house, but with us it was a little different…for route planning to work…and will I go with my bicycle to school or should I walk? Lol 😉

  5. My favourite is when the Weather girl is wider than the Republic of South Africa. When her right hip blocks out the greater KZN and Robben Island pokes cheekily behind her left hip. THAT, cracks John and I up everytime…so childish I know…but if you can’t mock a Weather Girl, then who can you mock?

  6. Luddite lass on said:

    Love your illustration! LOL @ your weather report analysis! We’ve had some crackers of inaccurate weather reports this last week hier in die Kaap. Case in point when the morning weather reporter said no chance of rain for the day and the radio station was flooded with calls saying “Haikona, bru, it’s bucketing down here”. (I was too busy getting buckets for the leaks to phone in myself.) I used to watch Kathy on SABC3 to see if she would wear her granny’s cardigan again.

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