….let there be shopping….

l’eau de shi’tte

We have air freshener issues. Go Away Evil Air Freshener

The farmer thinks we don’t need any. I disagree.

Back to my theory based on Freud’s anal phase. Little boys learn that they can control mommy’s world by making a poo in the potty. ” Well done, Big Boy! ”

Or by refusing to make a poo in the potty. Mom puts on anxious face. Mom ponders her success at  momness.  Power to the boy….

Either way, boy learns early on that his poo is VERY IMPORTANT.  And if it gets Mom all happy and  excited it can’t smell bad now can it?

Mom doesn’t run to get the air freshener. Their is clapping and joy all round. Boy thinks his poop is a great thing!

Enter girlfriend. Partner. Wife.

Enter the concept of the air freshener.

Enter the grocery list with air freshener on it.

“Why did you get “Lily Of The Valley”? The list says to get Oust? ”

“I liked the way it sounded. All early morning dew and green grass and so. ”

“Lily of the Valley doesn’t work. You still have the smell. Except now you have the smell of poop TOGETHER with the smell of retirement home.”

“Oust is very expensive. I could get 2 Lily of the Valley’s for the price of one Oust.”

“So you got two of something that doesn’t work? ”

Baffled face. Face that says : “Actually, I don’t see why we need the stuff. My poop doesn’t smell. Ask my mother!”


I rest my case…










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8 thoughts on “l’eau de shi’tte

  1. You got it exactly right! So funny!

  2. Sounds about right.

  3. Natasha on said:

    Lol, oh my, what a conversation!!

    But ja, poop smelling like Lilly of the valley, not my scene!! We got a nice one from Woolies, its a fruit one, but it takes away the actual poop smell, not mix the two smells together…

    I keep on wanting to tell you, that photo of your son and his doggy is just so precious!!

  4. My mother believed in flushing the toilet while having your poo – Illuminating the smell, while you are still at it and I have to agree, this works much better than any air refreshener!

  5. 😀
    We are on the opposite side of the scale – being fumigated by air fresherer! Don’t know what’s worse 😉

  6. Luddite lass on said:

    LOL – is that a real air freshener? Most air fresheners make me gag – especially lavender ones. But the smell of poo also makes me want to gag so something inoffensive like Oust is the only solution. Methinks your farmer’s olfactory senses have been dulled by too much time with kraalmis!

  7. Deids13 on said:

    I totally agree, those flowery ones just make the smell 10 times worse. I only get Oust as well. My husband also doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about.

  8. hahahahahahahahaha! oh boy i can just picture this conversation

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