….let there be shopping….


My son once stood up on a bench in church and asked : “So where IS Jesus?”  Loudly.  He was around 2 years old at the time. The service wasn’t quite the same after that…

Now that he’s almost 4,  he’s still not buying anything remotely church related.

In preparation for Christmas :

“You know what Christmas is really about, right? We’re celebrating the birthday of Jesus? ”

“No….it’s MY birthday. I’m getting a present. You said I’m getting a present! ”

“Yes, you’re getting a present. But it’s really the birthday of Jesus. And we’re happy and thankful that He came down to earth and that He loves us and watches over us.”

“NO. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I’m getting a present! It’s there by the tree!”

“Yes, it is.  But you know that Jesus loves us, right ? And that He made everything? The trees and the flowers and the grass and the sun…..”


Looking at the trees and the flowers and the grass and the sun with deep concentration.

“So, who made everything? ” Thinking that the penny has dropped.









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  1. They call it like they see it.

  2. Lol, that’s cute. I bet Church was never the same!

  3. Luddite lass on said:

    LOL! So he’s in the Daddy is all powerful phase – cute!

  4. This post made me smile this morning! Excellent! 🙂

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