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You Have Phone Call Sir

I sound like death warmed up over the phone. Or so I’ve been told. ( there goes the career in telesales … )

Apparently what I sound like is : “Why the hell are you calling me ??? ”

I don’t mean to. But apparently I do.

I’ll admit this much : I do not LIKE phones. Phones can give rise to all kinds of misunderstandings and wrongful assumptions because you can’t see the person you’re talking to. And you don’t know the context of the call. ( what went on before , what’s going on during, what will be said after ). All you hear is a voice, and a voice can be difficult to place when you can’t see the face it’s coming from. This I find highly unsettling.

So I tend to ignore a ringing phone. Shame on me. Well. A little shame.

What I’m thinking is :

– if it’s urgent, they’ll phone again. Mostly immediately. THEN I’ll answer, because I’ll know it’s urgent.

– if it’s not urgent they can leave a message. If they don’t leave a message, it’s their problem. If they want me to call, they’ll say so, and then I’ll call when it suits me and I’m feeling friendly and small talk-ish.

– if it’s someone ( like the in – laws ) wanting to speak to the farmer , they’ll know by my not answering that I know it’s them wanting to speak to him and not me , so they’ll phone again later. It’s complicated. Read it again.

– I’m not the one who phoned, which means I don’t have anything of importance to say at the moment, and when I do, I’ll phone.

I’m not a good small talk maker, as everyone knows who knows me.

And I’m not trying to offend anyone, like I said, it’s just me and phones who don’t get along. Nothing personal.

SMS me, e mail me, comment on Facebook. You can even LEAVE A MESSAGE on the phone.

But I’m not running after the first ring.


A little….


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7 thoughts on “DON’T CALL ME. I’LL CALL YOU. Maybe.

  1. I thought I was the only one! One of my biggest peeves is talking on the phone. Half the time the house phone rings, we can never find the receiver anyway ’cause the kids have misplaced it and everyone who know us knows that we usually cannot find the receiver and then proceeds to call our cells. Ugggg…when will the endless ringing stop? I too am not a small talk maker. So relieved to finally know I’m not the only one.

  2. “But I’m not running after the first ring.”

    Perhaps a calm stroll. That way, they would have hung up by the time you got there and you have no guilt because you tried.

  3. Charlotte on said:

    Let the kids answer they can make small talk!

  4. I thought I was bad on a phone… But you are much worse than me! 😉

  5. I so hear you. Please please please don’t phone me. Sms, e-mail and all the other millions of ways we can communicate by all means.

    I don’t know why. I just don’t like talking on the phone.

    • In the movie, Fracture, with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling there is a moment I love concerning this.
      Someone rides out to Gosling’s character’s house and says he has been calling and calling his cell phone and “you never answer”. Gosling says, “In a way, isn’t that an answer?”

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