….let there be shopping….



I recently saw under “search engine terms”  that someone googled “anal reluctant wife” and found my blog. MY BLOG? This particular one? Wha…..??? 

 This is, after all  a wholesome, innocent parenting blog . Written by a former church organist married to a farmer. An Afrikaans, church going farmer. A cleanliving, honest,  down-to-earth mother of 2.

YOU try googling “anal reluctant wife”. It ain’t pretty. It ain’t healthy. It made me blush. It shouldn’t be allowed.

Ok. I’ll wait.



What year is it?



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9 thoughts on “WHY I’M AFRAID OF GOOGLE

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  2. Natuurlik moes ek myne ook nou gaan kyk: Adult diapers and watery stools…

  3. Love it.

    Mine was found with “sweet boys” and “tying up boys”, which is very disturbing. I wish I could locate these individuals and get them arrested. You know they are totally disturbed.

  4. I get ‘bumholes’ ‘jizz’ and ‘shitting water’. But mostly cos some of my posts are called those things.

  5. Luddite lass on said:

    PS How did you find out that particular factoid?!

  6. Luddite lass on said:

    LOL! That is so bizarre. Hilarious, but bizarre!

  7. Speculating about what people were searching for when they stumbled across your blog is one of the more amusing – and sometimes disturbing – parts of doing what we do. One of the more curious search terms I’ve had thus far is “badwrap sex”. I’ve got no idea, and it’s probably safer that I don’t hypothesise. I assume it involves cling film.

    I googled “anal reluctant wife” as you instructed. Bloody hell.

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