….let there be shopping….


1. Get 4-year-old in bath.

2. Answer questions about why we need soap, why soap makes bubbles, why soap goes on a sponge, why we can’t eat soap, why soap comes in different colours, why we don’t brush our teeth with soap, why soap shouldn’t be left in water for too long, why we have to buy soap in a shop, who makes soap, why they make soap, why soap a/b/c through to z.

3. Get 4-year-old out of bath. Threaten or bribe as necessary.

4. Get 4-year-old dry and dressed. Threaten or bribe as necessary.

5. Settle 4-year-old in front of Disney TV.

6. Put dry noodles in microwave container.

7. Check on 4-year-old. No, he’s not painting the furniture/ throwing the livingroom cushions at his sister’s head/ jumping on the coach. Open kitchen door for barking dog.

8. Place noodles in microwave. Do not add water.

9. Set on HIGH for 4 minutes.

10. Press Start.


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  1. Never so stunning at my house, but I’ve been down the how to almost set your microwave on fire road.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I feel your pain, 4yo, fire and all.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I once set fire to a pair of socks while trying to dry them in the microwave.

  4. Where is the “Do not try this at home” clause?

  5. Luddite lass on said:

    Oh my hat! Just one question – will this experiment have the same results if it’s a three-year old and two minute noodles? 😉

  6. Tourmaline on said:

    Wow… Spectacular, I will NOT be trying that!!

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