….let there be shopping….


On Tuesday 3 August 2012 this here parenting blog clocked up more than 4800 views of the post titled “Change your Thinking, Change Your Child”

Now don’t get me wrong. I was HUGELY flattered. Since the most views on one day my blog had ever had was around 200.

And then I started seeing Mr Bean in my head. Playing just that one note over and over during “Chariots of Fire” performed at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London.

Mr. Bean in the animation along with his girlf...

Mr. Bean in the animation along with his girlfriend, Irma Gobb, and landlady Mrs. Wicket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And what I started thinking was this :

What if  someone’s cat somewhere in Japan managed to fall asleep on top of someone’s computer mouse and managed to click through to my blog 4800 times?

Or am I perhaps being stalked? By someone in Japan who loves the color pink ?

Or am I just one brilliant blogger ?


That must be it.



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