….let there be shopping….


( No. I’m not suggesting that you “drink-and-parent” although sometimes that ice-cold white does take the edge off the lego you’ve just stepped on.)


I have several things on my parenting mind.

First thing

Two kids under the age of 5 must be the worlds’ ultimate contraceptive.  After a day spent saying “Leave-your-sister-alone-don’t-grab-her-toys-Don’t let her near-your-full-potty-call-Mommy-when-you’re-done-SHIT!!! Now-she’s-full-of-wee!!-I-TOLD-YOU-TO-CALL-ME-THE-MOMENT-YOU’RE-DONE-What? WHAT??-NOW-YOU-WANT-RICE-CRISPIES-YOU-JUST-TOLD-ME-YOU-WANTED-WEETBIX-WITH-RAISINS!! ” I’m just put off kootchie-cooing altogether. Kootchie-cooing was the thing that got me cleaning wee off a 1-year old in the first place.


Second thing

I love Nanny Nopop. I especially love her on a Monday morning when her glorious smiling face says :”Molo!” . And what I love most is her taking over nappy and bum wipe duty for a few hours each day.


Third thing

Irate children react positively to water and paint.

Water: Immerse them in it or cover a floor area of 5X5 meters with plastic and hand over a bowl to splash around with.

Paint : Cover an area of 5X5 meters with plastic. Also cover child with plastic. Hand over water based paint, paintbrush and paper.

Peace for at least 10 minutes guaranteed.

You can clean up later. ( while having a glass of ice-cold white )


Fourth thing

Children are lovely. Sometimes children are heavenly. Just-out-of-the-bath-baby-shampoo-smell-heavenly.

There’s nothing quite like a warm little body on your lap. Or a pudgy little hand around your neck. Or a wet  kiss on your cheek.

Or all of the above just before they fall asleep.

Ahhhhh….nap time. Don’t we just LOVE naptime…


Fifth thing

I love my children. Which is WHY I’m prepared to clean wee and paint and other stuff off of them.


Ice- cold white, anyone?




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  1. Just-out-of-the-bath-baby-shampoo-smell-heavenly. My favourite!

  2. Naptime … bliss! 🙂

    In approximately 7 weeks I will have 3 kids under the age of 4!! Every time I think about it I need to sit down and take a moment to calm myself …

  3. And now I remember why I think I may have recently decided that 1 (child not drinks) is in fact enough… Respect to you, I would have been driven to drink more than a glass of white!

    P.S. Naptime? What is that?? It sounds heavenly.

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