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We all love blog followers and commentators. The more the merrier , right? It can become quite a high to see those numbers rising and rising.  And to feed that “one of these days somebody is going to offer me *insert dream* just for spewing my  thoughts out on-screen”  fantasy .

But then comes a merry morning when you sit down to blog and the words just don’t come like they used to.

There’s a flashing cursor and a blank screen and ……….nothing.

The sad result because of one thought flashing red upstairs : YOU CAN’T SAY THAT.

Aunty C won’t like it, sister-in-law won’t get the joke, ex-teachers/ future teachers of your children will hold their mother’s blog against them for ever and ever AMEN.

So you freeze. You’re a deer caught in bloglights. You’re up on that stage and you’ve forgotten your opening line.

You, me dear,  have BLOGFRIGHT.

And it’s time for some decisions to be made. You either blog for the benefit of the audience or you blog bravely. Honestly and willing to take whatever reaction you get. If any. Because here’s another thought : Who really REALLY cares about the intricacies of your every single emotion?

And why do people read other peoples’  blogs?

– To be entertained?

– To feel relief because “Hey, I’m not the only one after all?”

– To get a kick out of someone elses failure?

– To offer support?

Who knows.

But this here blog will remain what it is. A not-so-sweet mom of two sometimes-sweet–mostly-exhausting children, trying to remain un-depressed and satisfied with marriage and life on a farm. Miles and miles from the nearest mall and fancy restaurant. Boohoo and all that.

Read. Don’t read.

Follow. Don’t follow.

Judge. Don’t judge.

And every once in a while leave a virtual hug and cup-a-tea. ( or glass of white? )

If you’re feeling sweet, that is…



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16 thoughts on “BLOGFRIGHT

  1. ::virtual hug:: Blog fright is a very real melody lol. Angie

  2. Victoria on said:

    *virtual hug*

  3. Love this post, it’s sooooo true!
    Mal oor jou blog, moet nooit ophou skryf nie!

  4. I usually get blogfright when I think too hard about what I want to write rather than just let it flow naturally. I often worry that m posts are boring and mundane … and I know for sure that I don’t really have much writing talent but I don’t blog to be a writer. I blog to keep a kind of diary of my family as it evolves and changes …

    You have a great writing style that I love to read …

  5. Lynda Madden on said:

    Sjoe! It’s a tough one. But I can confirm that making everyone else happy will leave you a rather unhappy (and probably somewhat dull) girl.

    And I’m afraid I don’t have White. Can I offer you a glass of Red or are you going to join me with a small Jack? 🙂

  6. UGH! I used to blog with ease and had so much to say! But now, I absolutely freeze because I am worried it won’t be up to par or that I’ve made grammatical errors. What used to take me 30 minutes to write now takes me a day! Bad, bad, bad…and here’s a bottle of white 😉

  7. cupcakemummy on said:

    My thoughts exactly *hands you another glass of wine*

  8. Ek lei huidiglik aan …wanne gaan ek tyd kry om alles te blog wat ek wou… en ek stem 100% saam met die “mostly exhausting” kiddies. 🙂

    Ek het wyn opgegee. Deesdae drink ek whiskey 😀

  9. Well written post! I got blog fright when a close friend, who I know is following my blog, critical asked me why I was using my time on blogging… My answer there and then was that I like it, it’s fun, it keeps my English in focus, and my writing… But after our conversation, I’ve been a lot more concerned of my choice of topics, and I haven’t been blogging as much as I want… Hmm, this stops now! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you helped my sorting out my own 🙂 Kind regards

  10. Virtual hugs being sent, I have blogfright and it won’t go away at the moment!! *chinks the glass of wine* xx

  11. Yes! Thanks for keeping on… I love your wry style of humour!

  12. As soon as I think someone I know is reading my blog I get blog fright. It’s horrible. I need to know that I can write the truth at all times. Like or don’t like… Tough cookie!!

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