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Dear Self

Happy Birthday and all that.

(” In dog years, you’re dead ” – Anonymous )

Some thoughts on the year ahead :

1. Stop looking over your shoulder expecting to see the “Auntie” that 17-year-old is referring to. YOU ARE IT.

2. Stop yourself from slapping that same 17-year-old about the head for daring to call you “Auntie”. She’s just being polite and should be commended for her good manners.

3. It is no longer OK to feel like a teenager stuck in a ( much ) older body. YOU ARE NOW AN ADULT and should be acting like one . ( most of the time that is. )

4. Walk tall. Walk like a woman on a mission and a woman with vision. Walk like a conqueror of fear and angst and the downdest of downs. Because that is who you ย have become. Be proud.

5. Look at your children. Really LOOK. Take in their hands and their toes and their eyes and their cheeks.

6. You have reached the age where every compliment ends with “for your age”. Accept it.

7. Write that article for that magazine. There is nothing to lose.

8. Speaking of writing, remember to never ever ever use the word “betwixt” in a sentence.

9. DO find a way to use the word “dactylion” in a sentence. ( for example : I will mentally show you my DACTYLION every time you feel like sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong. )

10. Forgive more. And smile more. While you still have your own teeth.



“It is sad to grow old, but nice to ripen” ย – Brigitte Bardot


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  1. Hope it was a great birthday! I think I’m a little more ripe than I care to be, but that’s the way it works — better with age??

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  3. Hi, just to let you know I have started a new blog on this site too! if you are interested. xx hugs xx

  4. cupcakemummy on said:

    Birthday happies to you!!!

  5. Lynda Madden on said:

    Happy Birthday! Really dig your list, Auntie. But betwixt and between the musings I detect an unhappiness. Well, however old you are you are only going to be that age once so enjoy every second. Sending smiles, sunshine, balloons, flowers and cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Happy Birthday! I still get a shock when I walk past a mirror and see the old lady staring back at me. lol ! Love your list. xx hugs xx

  7. Happy Bday! Love your list!! LOL

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! I really loved this post! It only matters how old you feel on this inside ๐Ÿ™‚ May this be the best birthday yet.

    And yes, write that article for a magazine, because I know you will rock it!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ An awesome post!!!

    Wishing you much love and joy and many more birthdays to come!!

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