….let there be shopping….


I’ve been resisting and resisting and resisting.

I have walked past “Fifty Shades” in book shops. I have ignored it on  book store websites.  I have even ignored people giving away the threesome box set of it on Facebook. Which says a lot given my joy in  interest in give aways on Facebook and the like.

See: )

But. Mr Grey has finally made his way into this house and into my reading hands. Compliments of neighbour lady.

I’m on page 22 and surprised. There’s been nothing “mommy pornish” so far.

So far it’s been a pleasant and easy read starting with a woman waking up on a bad hair day which I can totally relate to. Which made me like her. And which has made me read all the way to page 22 in between episodes of “SHE’S TOUCHING MY STUFF! ” and ” TAKE HER AWAY!” .  While the  father of the feuding watches the news with clear instructions that he “just wants to relax”.  ( in other words “It’s YOUR turn to child mind while I become an empty tracksuit on the couch” )

Whether or not I will get past page 22 is  open for debate.

I did skimread here and there and came upon “THE CONTRACT” on page 105 which to be honest scared the living motherhood out of me.

I  read it out of context though and who knows? By page 105 I might be totally happy with “THE CONTRACT”.

Just one last thought:

Lets say I get totally happy with Mr Grey and his doings. And all inspired and all that. ( neighbour lady said she did so I’m taking her word for it)

What will I do with my inspired self?

It’s shearing time on the farm which means one exhausted husband for the next 2 weeks. He’s on his feet for 8 hours a day classing the wool.

Plus he’s basically sleeping in our son’s bedroom more often than not as he gets called from there 5 times a night ” Daddy, come sleep with meeeee….”.

But I will keep you posted about Grey.

Watch this space.

“If You Go Down To The Woods Today

 You’re In For A Big Surprise”


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  1. I read all 3 books in 2 weeks! A fun read. Why not? Loved the post…

  2. I have still managed to resist the madness 😉 But am about to embark on 4 months of maternity leave so who knows what will happen … eagerly await your review … maybe he will find his way onto my Kindle too 🙂

  3. love the above photo!! don’t come a-knocking when the rocking horse is a-knocking!!!! ha ha.

    Well, after much resisting for 4 months I started the second book…only just started so we’ll see. Enjoy all the hype though. Entertains me no end.

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