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MOTHERHOOD, Year 5 ( Truth or Dare)

I’ve been playing a game with my blog called “Now You See Her, Now You Don’t”. On the one hand it’s because our lives have settled like a cat on a comfy couch and on the other I feel as if I said all I wanted to say   about babyhood  with farmerboy!

Life in farmland has been toddling along comfortably with no major upheavals worth spreading the word about. Mostly.

As compulsively as I blogged about life with baby nr 1( more or less daily from when he was 19 months old till about the age of 3), so I find myself 17 months into the life of his sister not really convinced that a repeat of  solids issues/discipline issues/nappy contents issues/sleep issues/a lack of use of ears issues” is warranted.

Also, baby nr 2 has been infinitely easier right from the start. She eats, she poops, she sleeps, she giggles, she’s into hugs and kisses just like her mother. YAY!

She even kisses and hugs without me asking her first. DOUBLE YAY!!

So this “flash-in-the-pan” post is an attempt to put into words what 5 years of being a mother has been like. The truth and nothing but the truth so help me and so on. Just so that my subconscious and I can get on the same page again.


1. Farmerboy puzzles me. As he grows older he puzzles me more and more. ( he’s turning 5 on Thursday). I can never quite predict or fulfill his needs. It’s a scary place to be.

2. He is emotional to the extreme. Extreme happiness, extreme anger, extreme frustration, extreme sadness, extreme empathy. I’ve been told that he takes after me. (!) Which I denied of course. Vehemently, unequivocally and completely.

3. Babygirl and me “clicked” from the word go. I understand every single sound or gesture she makes instinctively and the 2 of us love just chilling together.

4. I love both my children. But I don’t connect with them equally.


1. I read glowing blog after glowing mommy blog after positive Facebook update after cute Twitter twitterings about the glories of motherhood. And then I think “But that’s not what it’s like, people! Get real and smell the Spur Burger for vreks sake!”

2. Sometimes I can’t wait to get a break from my own children. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from kissing the nanny when she arrives at 8h00 in the morning.

3. I feel guilty every single day of my life.

4. Sometimes when a glowing friend or celebrity or royal person declares “I’m pregnant!” I think “Hah! Just you wait Kate and Wills, just you wait!!” instead of “Oeee, congratulations! ” ( but then nannies are a given for them, aren’t they?)



That’s me for today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.

Until my children pay for my trip to Greece using their own money.

Right up until that day.

Shoot me.







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8 thoughts on “MOTHERHOOD, Year 5 ( Truth or Dare)

  1. Hi my friend, long time no hear. Please be a darling and check out my last post. I truly need some help here. Since it relates to this post of yours, I thought I’d put it here. I know I’ve been gone for a long time as well. But I hope we can still keep contact from the old P24 group. If you read my random facts you’ll know exactly who I am.

  2. Hi ek het UITEINDELIK weer ‘n blog post geskryf… kom loer in asb! Mis julle 🙂

  3. nushamoodley on said:

    I LOVE this post! I love that you’re so honest about what motherhood is like …

    I have 2 girls and now a little boy. While the little boy is too young to show alot of his character my girls are a constant source of wonder. Chalk and cheese … so different from each other and as such need to be handled and dealt with in different ways. I too love my kids more than I can put into words, I love them equally but differently if that makes any sense 🙂

    I too miss the old Parent24 site … I have just moved my blog to here and hope some of P24 gang will come around and read it …

  4. he hee….if people told you all the k#k parts of being a parent not so many would be in the queue to have a baby……but then all the joy completely wipes out the sh## parts.
    I have 3 girls(as you know)all are totally different and I am still figuring them out on a daily basis….who needs hugs,who needs to talk,who needs to be left the hell alone…etc,etc,etc.
    Also miss all the ‘old gang’

  5. Sharon on said:

    Hi you! Brilliant post and so very true, I am forever grateful that I only have one child, raising her on my own is challenging but very rewarding. I too am very pleased when I get a “night off” which happens very infrequently now that Mum can’t have Jess as much.
    I miss Parent24 blog family too, hardly anyone around on there anymore.
    Loads of hugs. xx

  6. Charlotte on said:

    Firstly I want to say that you are an awesome mom, knowing you from your blogs for long time now…

    Then this is my first reaction after reading this post: “Thank heavens I am not alone!!!”. I love my 3 monsters (as I call them) more than anything on earth, but just sometimes I wish I could pee alone, go to town alone, bake and make food which I like and love, have deep conversations with grown ups more than having talks about why balloons get flat and why you need to wash your hair or need to change your sheets etc. I want to be a little more ME! Selfish much? Yip, sometimes I get these very selfish thoughts and just blank them out with baking cookies for them or picking up wet towels or doing another load of washing because middle kiddie loves dressing 10 times a day or closing my eyes and just breath deeply and calling them for the 100th time to get to the table to eat a meal. Being a mom isn’t just hugs, kisses and giggles. It’s full of poo, peed pants, crayon decorated everything, gum in hair, stepping on lego at 3am etc. But would I change any of it? Not a thing, because you cannot buy extra ears or zippers for back chatting mouths…

    Enjoy! Have an awesome week and be very kind to that nanny of yours, I would give a lot to have one…

    PS. Miss the old Parent24 blogs and comunity… Don’t you?

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