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The  Eisteddfod came and went today and as always most of it passed in a blur of excitement, nerves and magic. ( for those not familiar with the term “Eisteddfod” : A yearly musical, drama, dance and art showcase held in many cities across the globe)

Why “magic” ?

I’ve been thinking about it ever since getting back in the schoolbus and driving home and here is what I think the “magic” was :


I sit behind them, a row of 6 kids, polished and neat and their hair “just so”

And I think

“Yes. This is why.”

I sit behind them and I see the nervous glances :

At the audience, at their friends, at the piano, jeez…at ME

And I smile and think

“Yes. This is why.”

I see the shaky hands and the knocky knees and the determined stepping up to the front

And I think

“Yes. This is why.”

I see the relief and the perfect last note and the proud walking back to the chair

And I think

“Yes. This is why.”

I see the “YES! I did it even though I was shaking and scared !”

And I think

“Yes. That was why.”



Not for the fainthearted.

But always producing a little magic along the way.



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