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Uhhh…….ja. What can I say ?

“International affairs, seduction and passion guaranteed”. ( that part is true . Definitely loads of passion. A bit too much just post-pregnancy actually…….)

” He’s scarred, sexy and unashamedly Sicilian ” ( YUM. )

” She’s defiant, desirable and utterly disobedient! ” ( there is so much wrong with that statement I’m not going there .)

Yes. I’m reading a Mills and Boon. All 185 ( mini ) pages of it. I’m ashamed. But it came free with a magazine. And it’s all I can concentrate on at the moment in my sleep- deprieved state. And like I said, it’s full of passion. Which, post-partum is a good thing. You know, to remind one. Of passion.

It’s called : ( wait for it ) :


The destitute , yet stunningly beautiful, yet supertalented ( think superstar singer potential) girl/ woman is “resqued” from her career singing in sleezy venues by a multi – billionare who also happens to be super sexy, a super lover and the best part : he’s got a scar making him all the more attractive to women because of the hint of danger that clings to him.

That’s it. I’m on page 179 and the author has managed to keep the theme going and me reading inbetween feeds and nappy changes.

And it’s certainly been …….well………eye opening and thought provoking.

On the most basic of levels of course.



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