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Lavendar flower

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Well I thought it was a brilliant idea.

“Place a few sprigs of lavender in your pillowcase in order to induce a deep sleep and have a restful night inhaling the age old soothing aroma of nature at it’s best.”

I’m a sucker for weird and wonderful smells ( cinnamon, mint leaves, dill,  rosemary and yes, lavender ). And as we have lavender in the garden off I went to pick some for  my pillowcase ” in order to induce a deep sleep”.

Except , somewhere during all the bedmaking the pillows got switched. And a VERY annoyed farmer woke up with “what the ^%$….. is in my pillowcase ?”


No deep sleep for him then….

He’s got a very sensitive  ( baldish )head. I still believe it’s from flying through the window of the station wagon when he was a baby and landing  up hanging from the doringdraad by his scalp. ( Yes, it’s true. His  mom had an accident and he wasn’t in a carseat.  Apparently no one was in the 60’s. )Don’t worry. He’s fine. Most days.

Back to the moral of the story :

Keep your aromatherapy to yourself.

( Still think it’s a brilliant idea … )


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