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You’ve got this old green hosepipe . You’ve patched it up numerous times in numerous places. It works. Sort of . You don’t want to get a new one. You’re attached to THIS one. Actually, you love it to death. But just when you think :” ahhh, I’ve got this thing sorted”    it springs another hole on you. In a place you never expected. WELCOME TO PARENTING.

Farmerboy has us moedeloos. He started with this “technique” ( because it’s a definite manipulation “technique” ) with the nanny. And now it’s a fullblown-all-the-time way of coping with his world. Whenever he doesn’t get what he wants IMMEDIATELY we have hysterics. I mean all out screaming to the heavens  and the crying of heartbreaking tears .

When his father changes the TV channel. When he has to eat breakfast. When he has to get dressed. When he has to get in the bath. When he has to get out of the bath.When there’s no Cream Soda in the house. When he has to stop playing outside.  I could go on…and on…….and on…….

It’s exhausting.

We’ve tried the starchart thing. Didn’t work. His father had a long talk with him. Didn’t work.  I’ve spent time with him on his own without “sussie” . Did not work.

My sleep deprived brain has had ENOUGH.

Something needs to be done.  Time out ( X 20 a day ??? ) Ignore ???


AHH. Now there’s a thought……..



In the 4 years of my son’s life I have spent many a sleepless night and swallowed many an anti-depressant over issues that eventually passed. If anyone at the time told me that though, I would have nodded politely and continued the worrying . ( read : panic )

Mindblowing and unbelievable as it seems to me now, these are the things we have left behind:

1. Throwing visitors with apples from the fruit bowl.

2. Stealing cellphones from restaurant tables. Generally destroying table settings in restaurants by grabbing table cloths.

3. Weeing anywhere and everywhere including behind the one and only potplant in the Cathcart Library while the horrified librarian watched.( potty training at age 2 )

4. Throwing anything and everything over the braai deck railing.

5.Spending kiddies parties inside the house of the birthday child checking out their plugs instead of actually joining the party outside. ( age 1 -ish)

6.Lying flat on his stomach by the bathroom door to spy on his father on the loo. ( see image below this post )

7.Emptying cupboards and bookshelves and filling whole rooms with “stuff” on the floor. ( age 1 )

The point is : everything eventually passes.

There is hope even though you don’t see it yet, dear crazed-parent-of-a-toddler.

                                                                              WHATCHA DOING IN THERE ?

( which means the current yelling and screaming over the TV remote will pass…and the “Take her away from my stuff! ” screeches when baby sister touches his toys…and the “I don’t want cooldrink in THAT glass. I want it in the little green glass with the yellow flower ooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! “…….)

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