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I have a husband who will fart loudly in my presence and then “apologize” ( hah! ) with a proud grin on his face.

I have a son who announces for all to hear : “Ek wil poef! “. EVERYTIME he wants to.

I have a 6 week old with basic body functions : drinking and pooping.

So I have poop on my mind.

And here’s what I’m thinking. You can blame it all on potty training. Potty training has as a side effect the immense pride in the pooping and it’s close relative farting functions. Because when you’re potty training you’re told to make a huge fuss when :

1. the child actually does nr 2 IN THE POTTY.

2. the child can identify the feeling of poo coming.

With some individuals ( like my husband ) this process “gets stuck” in the mind. And it might be shoved to the subconscious but boy, is it still there……..the pride part that is.

With farmerboy I’m actually running out of encouraging commentary.

“Ek wil poef! ”

“Wonderlik! ”

“Ek wil poef ! ”

“Great! ”

“Ek wil poef! ”

“NOU FLIPPEN POEF DAN!!!!!!! ” ( no, I will never actually say that although I would LOVE to )

With the husband NOTHING works. Not even the threat that he will not get lucky. Like I said. The man is PROUD. And now, so is his son………



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